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Music is the Art that can reach all the people in a more direct way. In every performance its message is tought and renewed.

We provide our clients a twenty-years experience, flexibility and versatility supporting them in creating projects that can really spread music. We collaborate with every client collecting ideas, analysing the market and evaluating the best possibility to realise the project. We find the right means of communication we can use to transmit the message. We find the way to make concrete every client’s artistic, productive and distributing need through the best creative and operative professionals.

An annual multimedial series edited and created for Intesa Sanpaolo. Each edition deeply analyses a title of the operatic repertoire through an original documentary, a volume and other contents accessible in digital delivery on a website and an app. With the sound (Vox) and the image (Imago), we aim at giving back a universe that is only seemingly far away.

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Enjoy Filarmonica della Scala wherever and whenever you want, available for Android and iOS.
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